Retention Barrier - Spill Barrier BL/BED

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    Type BL/BED
    Stationary System
    Manual Barrier System
    UVV Weight compensated
    Fire Retardant DIN 4102-B1
    Upgradeable to a BL/BED-PM2

    Terms and Conditions
    30-day money-back guarantee
    Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

    Flectra - Sample 1 for three columns

    A special lower pivot BL/BED design - allows for a low standing height. 

    The spill barrier features a special lower pivot. If your room height is low and you desire a pivot spill barrier. This spill barrier accommodates this need. 

    Flectra - Sample 2 for three columns

    A typical spill barrier installation. 

    The spill barrier is in a upright standby position next to the door. To close, a pin is unlocked and the barrier is simply lowered by hand. By default the barrier is weight compensated. 

    Flectra - Sample 3 for three columns

    BLOBEL Spill and Retention Barriers are TUV tested and approved.