The BL/BED a state-of-the-art Doorway Spill Barrier

Do you have a larger opening and looking for an easy to use Spill Barrier, look no further.  The BL/BED Containment Barrier responds to that need. The barrier is and above the floor installation and pivots on one side. The spill barrier is weight compensated and is operated by one person. It simply pivots to one side and is locked in place. 

The pivot side is interchangeable and can be decides on side.  The gasket is resistant to most chemicals and easily molds to the ground. 

The Containment Barrier BL/BED is ideal to seal:

- Emergency exits

- Drive throughs

- Doorways

- Ramps

- Laboratories 

- Warehouses

- Production facilities

Please see link here for the video on how to operate the barrier. 


Standard height:

150–750 mm

Standard length:

up to 6000 mm

Special situations:

upon request


50 mm

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