Manual Doorway Spill Barrier and Retention Barrier BL/EX

The Containment Barrier BL/EX is designed to be a robust, easy to use Spill Barrier.  Due to its trapezoidal design, the retention barrier is very easy to implement. It very easily slides between two piers and is locked in place. 

Due to its trapezoidal design, it only is fitted with one type of gasket around the spill barrier body. This is a clear advantage over rectangular containment barriers. The gasket is resistant to most chemicals. 

The Containment Barrier is ideal to seal:

- Emergency exits

- Drive throughs

- Doorways

- Ramps

- Laboratories 


Standard height:

150–750 mm

Standard length:

up to 6000 mm

Special situations:

upon request


50 mm

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