Automatic Spill Barrier and Automatic Flood Barrier 

Optimal price and quality

The Spill and Flood Barrier GSB-FG-H has been designed to:

→ Individual sizes to suit

→ Rapid deployment

→ Seal doorways and mandoors

→Seal driveways and drive-throughs

→ Easy use of opening and closing

→ Anti-vandalism safe

→ Reliable and durable sealing gaskets

→ Assembly/installation, according

to your requirements

→ Up to 6.5 tons axle weight capacity

→ Short lead times

Flectra text and image block

Solid and flexible design

Whether the floor is level or slops. The barrier can be easily adapted. We designed two versions. A light mandoor barriers and a heavy duty for driveways and doors. 

Flectra - Sample 2 for three columns

Hand winch

Returning the barrier to standby is easy with the hand winch provided. It is as simple as plug and winch. 

Flectra - Sample 3 for three columns

Multiple barrier surfaces available

Wether you require an non-slip stainless checker plate, or integration with the building. We have the solution. 

Looking for a price? 

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