BLOBEL Manual Spill Barrier BL/EX passes the real fire test!


The manual BLOBEL Spill Barrier BL/EX installed at a facility in Europe was put to the test by a real fire.

The manual Doorway Spill Barrier implemented performed as expected and contained any contaminated fire fighting water and sprinkler water run-off within the facility.

The Spill Barrier BL/EX and the seal withstood the heat generated by the fire with ease. Even though the facility was damaged by the fire beyond repair, the BLOBEL Spill Barrier sustained very little damage.

Key is the quality of material used by BLOBEL and the sealing technology implemented. Where lager Spill Barriers heights are concerned, aluminium panels are welded not bonded. Sealing material used is based on a special, highly flexible foam material.

BLOBEL Spill Barrier seals are chemical resistant and fire retardant according to DIN 4102-B1. The manual and automatic Spill Barriers can accommodate floor unevenness up to 20mm. BLOBEL Spill Barriers are design tested by TUV and LGA Germany and have gone though and passed praxis oriented fire testing with the IDF Germany

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