Compuerta automática BL/HWS-K

Medidas constructivas
Altura estándar
1000–5000 mm
Construcciones especiales
hasta 20000 mm
Altura estándar
500–1000 mm
Construcciones especiales
hasta 1800 mm
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Automatic Flood Barrier BL/GSB-FG-H

The Spill and Flood Barrier GSB-FG-H has been designed to:

  • Individual sizes to suit

  • Rapid deployment

  • Seal doorways and mandoors

  • Seal driveways and drive-throughs

  • Easy use of opening and closing

  • Anti-vandalism safe

  • Reliable and durable sealing gaskets

  • Assembly/installation, according to your requirements

  • Up to 6.5 tons axle weight capacity

  • Short lead times